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March 06, 2009



OMG!! I love that pic. It is so funny!

I understand you Travis, I'm from SC too and I left "it all" behind years ago, but when I hear these ladies singing those familiar songs I am brought to tears. Beautiful. I can't wait to see the show!

Simone Cottrell

Hi Travis! I'm Simone and I'm applying for a fellowship with Arena for 09/10 season.
May I just say that you look FABULOUS in that photo?! I really wish I could see Crowns. I'm from Mississippi and grew up in a bi-racial home. My "cracker" daddy (it's okay, he knows that it's a term of endearment) moonlights as a geography teacher and every semester he takes his students and me and my sisters to an African-American Southern Baptist church service. The preaching from Reverend Brown that would always find it's way into the gospel's next song was such a relaxing rhythm that I'd find myself sleeping in the corner of the pew. It was the same rhythm pattern as when my Cambodian mother and the women in her family sat in a circle together on the floor of someone's kitchen to cook and gossip. Always fell asleep to that, too.
Just an interesting cross-cultural experience that I thought I would share.
Anyhoo, break a leg and have an awesome day!

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