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January 11, 2010


Amelia Johnson

Brilliant set design - gave me a sense of being privy to intimate family conversations. Playful actors; winsome characters. An audience that erupted with with "ooooooh"s and "mmmmmmmmm..hmmmm"s, laughter and captivated silence. Leaving the theatre, a buzz of conversations about race and class and family dynamics.

Ashley Blaine Featherson

I have always loved the theater. Being that I am an actress, being on the stage or in the audience is where I always feel most comfortable. The theater has the amazing ability to provide you with an honest and organic experience each and everytime you perform or attend; this is one of the many beauties of the performing arts.

"Stick Fly" by Lydia R. Diamond provided me with the experience that I go the theater longing for. The script, cast, set design, and costume design were all so accurate, and set up perfectly for stellar performances, and a fantastic show. "Stick Fly" explores upper class African-American society, family secrets, racial inequalities, stereotypes, and can be described as nothing less than "heavy" in its context, and at times light in its delivery. I appreciated the moments where I was able to laugh through the pain that the cast so effortlessly conveyed to audience. I was absolutely blown away by the cast, and their undeniable chemistry on the stage. Being that I too vacation at Martha's Vineyard, and that I am an African-American woman, the play touched me in a number of ways. There were parts of each character that I could relate and sympathize with. Every audience member wants to connect to the show and its characters, and every good writer knows that. Lydia R. Diamond and Kenny Leon collaborated and created a timeless play.

Overall, this isnt a play that you can watch and be quiet about. "Stick Fly" is powerful in content, and delivery. Everyone left the theater talking about their own family secrets, racial differences, stereotypes, and how awesome the cast was. Being involved with a show such as "Stick Fly" is every "theaterlover's" dream. Simply being in the audience was enough for me.

Theater PR Guy

Unfortunately given our demographic situation our local groups wouldn't be able to do a show like this one but perhaps we might be able to invite a group to come and perform their production.

Richard in Paris

As a set designer myself I would love to see some photos of the set if anyone can help me, it sounds inspiring.

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