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May 17, 2010



Love the new pages, particularly the one featuring Star Trek's science and philosophy!

Phil Earnhardt

You may wish to grab images of the Kurilpa bridge in Brisbane ( ). It's a beautiful cable stay bridge designed with the principles of tensegrity. Cytoskeletal structure is a tensegrity. Google on "The Architecture of Life" to get Ingber's wonderful 1997 Scientific American Article by that title.

Red blood cells are designed to flex as they enter capillaries, which aids in wringing all of the oxygen out of the hemoglobin molecules. Also, some images of C60 (buckminsterfullerene) and nanotubes would be great.

Thanks for bringing this play to the east coast! I'll be up to see it in a couple of weeks.


Thanks, Phil! I'll look for those images. Glad you'll get a chance to see it. Feel free to forward the show info to anyone else you think might enjoy an evening in the company of Bucky's brain!

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