Happy Earth Day! You already know Arena Stage produces cutting-edge theater, but did you know that behind the scenes, we work just as hard to continuously reduce our carbon footprint? We even have a Climate Action Committee that keeps us accountable to our sustainability goals. 

The Climate Action Committee works to identify and implement measurable steps to combat global climate change in every aspect of Arena’s operations, policy, and culture. Recognizing our responsibility as a leader in the theater industry, we engage staff, artists, and audiences in our sustainability practices for the wellbeing and survival of our communities, country, and planet. 

5 Ways We’ve Gone Green in Our 2022/23 Season

We have 1,145 solar panels that produce about 13% of our monthly electricity.

We’ve stopped selling plastic water bottles at Concessions (they now come in cartons), and our drinks are all served in compostable cups.

We’re cutting down our paper use all over our offices and stages!

  • We offer digital programs and tickets to all of our shows (though we do offer printed programs as well for all your selfie needs).
  • After the show, we always ask patrons to recycle their printed programs in the lobby (if they don’t want to keep them).
  • Instead of printing lightbox posters we’ve transitioned to LED screens in front of the building and in our lobby — check out the cast and videos we display before you head to your seat!

Our technical departments try to “reuse and maintain” as much as possible.

Our current production of Angels in America uses 14 tons of sand. Upon closing, this sand will not go to a landfill, but will have another life in the playgrounds and sand volleyball courts of local parks.

We’ve also been setting Sustainability goals for our coming seasons!

  • In the prior season 30% of props were pulled from our stock. In the current season, our Props Department set a goal to pull 50% from stock.
  • Our Sound Department is converting to rechargeable microphones. We have set a goal to phase out alkaline batteries by 2025.
  • Our Lighting Department has set a goal to convert 45% of stage lights to LED by 2030, 65% by 2040, and 85% by 2050. Lighting in other areas of the building is already 90% LED.

At Arena Stage we work hard at continually optimizing our green practices and making responsible decisions — it’s simply woven into our values. We hope you will join us in celebrating Earth Day today and everyday!

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