Welcome to the B-Side

Dear Friends, Artists, and Theater Goers alike,

Welcome to Arena Stage’s new blog, “The B-Side” (because our weekly newsletter is “The A-list”… get it? ;)). We called it the B-Side not just because it’s clever, but because we see this blog as supplemental to the art you see on stage.

You see, time and time again, we’ve heard that theater lovers like you come to Arena Stage as much for the overall experience as for the art itself. So we wanted to create and share more meaningful and in-depth content for you, to add to your experience.

From in-depth interviews with playwrights, to bespoke looks at our costume shop, and everything in between, The B-Side is for those who want to know… more

You’ll hear directly from us about each production as well as our designers, actors, playwrights, directors… you name it! The B-Side will bring you exclusive behind-the-scenes content, the latest updates on our current and upcoming productions, what “life at Arena” is like, and all the information you need to fully enjoy your visit to Arena. 

We hope to see you at the theater soon. Till then… see you on The B-Side!


Edgar and Molly

Molly Smith
Edgar Dobie