Meet the Playwright: John Logan

Reprinted from Community Engagement’s Swept Away Study Guide. “The reason that I’m a writer today is because of Shakespeare, and falling in love with Shakespeare when I was eight.” — John Logan, playwright of Swept Away John Logan is the playwright for Swept Away, which first [...]

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SWEPT AWAY Sitzprobe

What’s a sitzprobe? A sitzprobe is the thrilling moment in musical theater when the cast, orchestra, and music director unite for the first time to rehearse the score all the way through. We were also very lucky to have Scott Avett, of the Avett Brothers, in attendance! "Sitzprobe" originates [...]

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2023/24 Season Spotlight On: MINDPLAY

What’s on your mind? Which thoughts are your own... ...And which ones are not? We're thrilled to unveil a riveting addition to our 2023/24 Season! Join us for an unforgettable experience infused with intrigue and mystery — the mind-bending, gasp-inducing Mindplay. Drama Desk Award–nominated theatermaker and mentalist Vinny [...]

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