Today, for National Nonprofit Day, we’re going to highlight the fantastic contributions of our volunteer ushers. Yes! Our ushers volunteer their time to create the best theatergoing experience for everyone. 

Arena Stage is known for creating incredible art on stage, and this would not be possible without our ushers. Think about your Arena Stage experience: ushers greet you in the lobby, point the way to the restrooms, and get you settled in your seat. 

“Ushers make my job as house manager one thousand times easier. They know how seating works, they know all the theater houses, and they know EXACTLY what they are doing.”

Daniel Ricci, Lead House Manager

Jody Barasch, Lead Manager, Retail Operations, added more praise: “Ushers are our eyes and ears in the theater.” Nobody can be everywhere all at once, so when unexpected things happen, ushers are the first to jump into action. And, as Jody said, “We have wonderful relationships with longtime ushers. Many of them consider Arena Stage a second home.”

Not only are our volunteer ushers generous in giving their time to Arena Stage, several of them also donate to invest in Arena Stage’s future. In fact, many ushers are members as Annual Fund supporters, and some are even part of our Full Circle Society, Arena’s planned giving circle.

As members, our volunteer ushers have the opportunity to be even closer to the action:

  • Ensemble Members ($120/year) can attend an Open Rehearsal
  • Supporting Role Members ($350/year) can attend a First Rehearsal Presentation
  • Lead Members ($700/year) have the opportunity to attend multiple of these behind the scenes exclusive events throughout the season!

We’ll give the last word to Andrew Rampy, Director of Audience Services: “Ushers take a great sense of pride in Arena Stage’s accomplishments. They have a wonderful respect for the DC theater community, and take special pride in Arena and our reputation within the community, region, and nationwide. Their investment in us is incredible, and we are profoundly grateful to them.”

So, to all our ushers, donors, and those who are both: Thank you.