About Lauren Lopaty

Lauren Lopaty (Membership Manager) has been with Arena Stage since 2019. She grew up in northern New Jersey where proximity to Broadway led to a lifelong appreciation for all things theater. A classical pianist, Lauren had the opportunity to play in several pit orchestras in her small hometown, often filling in for different instruments on the keys (notably the cello in Sweet Charity and the accordion in Fiddler on the Roof). She studied International Affairs and Russian Language and Literature at George Washington University, and has fallen in love with Washington, D.C. since moving here in 2014. She is an avid reader, and can usually be found with her nose stuck in a book while drinking a cup of earl grey tea.

POTUS: Setting the Stage

Do you ever wonder how exactly a play at Arena Stage is put together? While the actors, designers, and directors arrive weeks before the show starts, our shops are hard at work months in advance. Some productions Arena Stage receives ‘completed' — such as Cambodian Rock Band (a co-production [...]

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Happy National Nonprofit Day!

Today, for National Nonprofit Day, we’re going to highlight the fantastic contributions of our volunteer ushers. Yes! Our ushers volunteer their time to create the best theatergoing experience for everyone.  Arena Stage is known for creating incredible art on stage, and this would not be possible without our ushers. [...]

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What Does It Mean to be a Member?

Michael Stone Forrest, Timothy Ware, Nate Dendy, Sebastian La Cause, Addi McDaniel, and Jerome Lucas Harmann in The Fantasticks (2009-10 Season). Photo by Scott Suchman. Think back to the last time you looked in your mailbox and saw our signature Arena Red branding (yes, we still send snail [...]

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