Meet the Writer: Daniel Goldstein

The original musical Unknown Soldier beautifully weaves together themes of empathy and self-discovery and whisks us away to a place where the past dances with the present. Through Goldstein’s enchanting storytelling and Michael Friedman’s warm melodies, we are taken on a journey that touches all of our hearts. [...]

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Artistically Speaking: TEMPESTUOUS ELEMENTS

It is incredibly rare to read a play that not only invokes both historical and contemporary reflections on education and its role in the enduring struggle for equality but places those issues squarely in our city. Just a few miles north of our beloved Arena Stage lives the historic [...]

From the Executive Producer: TEMPESTUOUS ELEMENTS

Does it seem ridiculous to say that Washington, D.C., has a rich history? Yes, it does, and yet it’s very interesting to note which histories are deep in our collective knowledge and which are not. Anna Julia Cooper was such an immense contributor to American life that her words [...]

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