If you’ve seen Sanctuary City, you’ve probably noticed our three-banner lobby display showing the different paths to U.S. citizenship. Written by Pulitzer Prize winner Martyna Majok, Sanctuary City is the powerful story of two young DREAMers, “B” and “G,” who are desperate to stay in America, the only country they know as home. 

Our audiences have been spellbound not just by the production, but by our lobby display as well, as most have no idea what it really takes to become a U.S. citizen.

Path to citizenship

We’re very proud of our Allen Lee Hughes Graphic Design Fellow, Kristopher Ingle, who researched, designed, and created this beautiful and educational display for our lobby. As Kris learned when he was doing his research, official immigration to the United States dates back to the Colonial era. Some immigrants were seeking asylum, others wanted a better life, and some had no other choice but to leave their homes and start afresh.

Watch the video below to hear Kris talk about his work:

If you haven’t had a chance to see the full lobby displays, come see Sanctuary City at Arena Stage running through November 27! You can even try your hand at our citizenship test right next to it, that pull from the  official U.S. Citizenship test that B and G reference in the show.