POTUS Special Events

A searingly funny Broadway hit, POTUS follows how seven women of dramatically different backgrounds minimize the damage done by male arrogance and political posturing, in an endearing homage to the women who keep things running behind the scenes. Check out these special POTUS performances celebrating all things D.C. …and [...]

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Meet the Playwright: Selina Fillinger

“One of the greatest wonders of being a playwright is getting to see your work played in so many different ways and spaces. I feel like I get to build a house and see how people decorate it.” — Selina Fillinger In her latest comedy, POTUS: Or Behind Every [...]

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POTUS First Rehearsal

Real talk: this might have been the funniest first rehearsal we’ve attended! POTUS: Or, Behind Every Great Dumbass Are Seven Women Trying to Keep Him Alive is a farce, so there were a lot of slamming doors, innuendoes, and talk of Crocs (you’ll understand once you see the show). [...]

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