What’s on your mind?

Which thoughts are your own…

…And which ones are not?

We’re thrilled to unveil a riveting addition to our 2023/24 Season! Join us for an unforgettable experience infused with intrigue and mystery — the mind-bending, gasp-inducing Mindplay.

Drama Desk Award–nominated theatermaker and mentalist Vinny DePonto guides us on an entirely new theatrical event in which your thoughts play a leading role. A “warmly inviting, nostalgia-ridden, gem of a performance” (BroadwayWorld), Mindplay masterfully blurs the line between illusion and reality. Escape into the expansive beauty of imagination and bask in the ephemeral and surprising nature of memory.

“Mentalism is anything that deals with mind reading, mind control, telepathy…it is a subset of magic, a form of magic that deals with tricks of the mind. And you would maybe argue all magic is tricks of the mind, right?”said Vinny DePonto in an interview with LA Times Today. “But this particularly deals with an audience’s thoughts. It’s not so much a card trick…a box a person gets into and disappears from. It’s dealing with the mysteries of our minds.”

The work of theater-maker and mentalist Vinny DePonto uses a combination of psychological tricks, visual art, and immersive storytelling. His off-Broadway show Charlatan was nominated for a Drama Desk Award for “Unique Theatrical Experience.” His solo work has been presented by Ars Nova, American Conservatory Theater, American Repertory Theater at Harvard, and The Orchard Project. In addition to his live performances, DePonto’s consulting work was featured in the most recent production of Angels in America on Broadway, in Lincoln Center’s Ghostlight, and in hit television shows on the Discovery Channel, NBC, and Netflix.

When asked about what he hopes audiences take away from Mindplay he said, “I hope…people walk away thinking more deeply. Not about the tricks, but about themselves.”

Mindplay will be on stage in the Arlene and Robert Kogod Cradle from January 19 through March 3, 2024. Get your tickets now!

Vinny DePonto is Mindplay. Photo by Jeff Lorch.