Artistically Speaking: MINDPLAY

Designing a season is one of the primary responsibilities – and greatest joys – of being an artistic director. Since arriving at Arena Stage last summer, the question I’ve been asked the most is, “What is my artistic vision for this historic institution?” Specifically, what kind of shows [...]

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The Mind is a Funny Place

“If we could recall everything, we would be as incapacitated as if we could not recall at all; a condition to remember is that we must forget.” — William James The mind is a funny place. And it is. A place, that is. There is this technique called [...]

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What is Mentalism?

“Theater is magic and magic is theater.” — Vinny DePonto What comes to mind when you hear the word “mentalism”? Acclaimed mentalist (and Mindplay’s creator, co-writer, and performer) Vinny DePonto describes it as, “anything that deals with mind reading, mind control, telepathy… it is a subset of magic [...]

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