What’s a sitzprobe? A sitzprobe is the thrilling moment in musical theater when the cast, orchestra, and music director unite for the first time to rehearse the score all the way through. We were also very lucky to have Scott Avett, of the Avett Brothers, in attendance!

“Sitzprobe” originates from German, combining two words: “sitz” meaning “sit” and “probe” meaning “rehearsal” or “trial.” It’s an electrifying blend of voices and instruments, marking the transition from separate rehearsals to a harmonious fusion of sound. This pivotal session allows performers to synchronize with the music, fine-tuning their delivery and understanding the orchestration’s nuances. The sitzprobe sets the stage for the magic that unfolds during performances.

Last week, there was magic in the air of the Kogod Cradle at the Swept Away sitzprobe. In Swept Away, when a violent storm sinks a whaling ship off New Bedford, the survivors must grapple with the ultimate question of survival and its consequences. Set to the electrifying music of The Avett Brothers, this soul-stirring musical explores the profound journey from tragedy to forgiveness, inviting audiences to witness the transformative power of facing the darkest storms of life.

See below a behind the scenes look of Swept Away‘s sitzprobe:

Photos by Chris Vongsawat