Meet the Director: Michael Mayer

In the dynamic world of theater, few possess the ability to weave captivating narratives, evoke raw emotions, and transcend the boundaries of directing quite like Michael Mayer. Renowned for his groundbreaking work, such as Spring Awakening and American Idiot, Mayer’s visionary direction has left an indelible mark on [...]

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SWEPT AWAY Costume Spotlight: The Crew Behind the Ship

“A costume is a story that you wear.” — Joseph Salasovich, Arena Stage’s Costume Director Costumes are a form of visual storytelling. They can tell us who a character is—their lifestyle, their traits, their history, and their hopes. Costumes can also help show what has happened to a [...]

Dramaturgy Note: Rock and Roll, Musical Theater, and SWEPT AWAY

Reprinted with permission from Berkeley Repertory Theatre. Once the calling card of dissatisfied youth, rock and roll has long since left its defiant countercultural attitude behind and nestled itself snugly into mainstream musical history. Though the edges of rock music’s past have rounded over time, its raucous spirit [...]

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