Dramaturgy Note: Rock and Roll, Musical Theater, and SWEPT AWAY

Reprinted with permission from Berkeley Repertory Theatre. Once the calling card of dissatisfied youth, rock and roll has long since left its defiant countercultural attitude behind and nestled itself snugly into mainstream musical history. Though the edges of rock music’s past have rounded over time, its raucous spirit [...]

A Conversation with The Avett Brothers, John Logan, and Michael Mayer

Reprinted with permission from Berkeley Repertory Theatre. One day, a man who loved The Avett Brothers had a thought: wouldn’t their music make an amazing stage musical? Producer Matthew Masten followed this impulse from the tiniest seed of an idea to the tree in full flower that [...]

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SWEPT AWAY Sitzprobe

What’s a sitzprobe? A sitzprobe is the thrilling moment in musical theater when the cast, orchestra, and music director unite for the first time to rehearse the score all the way through. We were also very lucky to have Scott Avett, of the Avett Brothers, in attendance! "Sitzprobe" originates [...]

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