Artistically Speaking: UNKNOWN SOLDIER

Music has untold power. It can bridge the divide between enemies, unlock forgotten memories, and even link the past to the present and future. It also has the ability to turn our gaze inward, connecting us to the hidden truths lying deep below the surface. Musicals catalyze that superpower, [...]

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Artistically Speaking: TEMPESTUOUS ELEMENTS

It is incredibly rare to read a play that not only invokes both historical and contemporary reflections on education and its role in the enduring struggle for equality but places those issues squarely in our city. Just a few miles north of our beloved Arena Stage lives the historic [...]

Artistically Speaking: MINDPLAY

Designing a season is one of the primary responsibilities – and greatest joys – of being an artistic director. Since arriving at Arena Stage last summer, the question I’ve been asked the most is, “What is my artistic vision for this historic institution?” Specifically, what kind of shows [...]

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