Dramaturgy Note: Archives of Self, Chasing Unknowns

“When Michael Friedman and I set out to write Unknown Soldier, we were interested in figuring out how the past and the present merge, how objects trace through time, and how your history is more fluid than you think and your future less of a mystery than [...]

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“To sow the wind is to reap the whirlwind.” — Anna Julia Cooper, “The Ethics of the Negro Question” “Having now seen how quickly the truth can become a casualty amid controversy, I’d urge a broader caution: At tense moments, every one of us must be more skeptical [...]

What Is a Dramaturg?

The world of theater is a vibrant and collaborative space where numerous professionals work together to bring stories to life on stage. While actors, directors, and designers often take the spotlight, there is another crucial role behind the scenes that plays a significant part in shaping the artistic vision of [...]

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