Artistically Speaking: Exclusion

Karoline and Tony Nam in Exclusion. Photo by Margot Schulman. Portrait of Molly Smith by Tony Powell. The arts have always been on the front line of the fight against fear. Learning and understanding dramatic stories of politics and power makes us more informed as a democracy, and [...]

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The World of “Exclusion”

"On Board the Pacific Mail Steamship 'Alaska'" (artist unknown), Harper’s Weekly, 20 May 1876, pp. 408-409; University of California, Berkeley, Bancroft Library. As you prepare to see Exclusion, it is helpful to know the historical context that frames its narrative. This play explores the often-neglected narratives of Chinese-American [...]

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Meet the Playwright: Kenneth Lin

If you’ve turned on your television and watched Star Trek: Discovery, House of Cards, or Warrior, then you are already well-acquainted with Kenneth Lin’s work. Lin is an Emmy-nominated screenwriter and a Princess Grace Award-winning playwright of Chinese-American descent. Some of his popular plays include Warrior Class, Intelligence-Slave, and [...]

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