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EDGAR DOBIE (Executive Producer, President of the Corporation) Born in Vernon, British Columbia, a village next to the Rocky Mountains (three years after Arena had its first performance in 1950), I am one of five brothers raised by my Dad Edgar, a mechanic and small businessman, and Mom Connie, a telephone operator and union organizer. I am the only Dobie to make a career in theater. Luckily for me, drama was an arts elective I was offered at the tender age of 12 so I hung up my hockey skates and joined the drama class, led by teacher Paddy Malcolm and her fledgling Powerhouse Community Theater after school. By the time I graduated from high school, we volunteers had built ourselves a 200-seat, fully equipped theater on its own piece of land in the center of town and found a sold-out audience for the full season of plays we had on offer. That experience taught me so many lessons about the power of theater to foster collaboration and share meaningful stories, as well as the public values that attach themselves to building a safe place where everyone is welcome. All those lessons served me well as a managing leader and producer both sides of the border and both sides of the commercial and non-profit theater divide. Arriving here in Southwest with my good wife Tracy and our daughter Greta Lee in 2009 makes me feel like I am well-equipped to do a good job for you all.

From the Executive Producer: UNKNOWN SOLDIER

We live in an age of easily available images so the idea of an image capturing something unknown is deeply compelling.  Unknown Soldier, a poignant musical tale from Daniel Goldstein and Michael Friedman, makes so much sense to be told at Arena Stage. Because we reside in our nation’s [...]

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From the Executive Producer: TEMPESTUOUS ELEMENTS

Does it seem ridiculous to say that Washington, D.C., has a rich history? Yes, it does, and yet it’s very interesting to note which histories are deep in our collective knowledge and which are not. Anna Julia Cooper was such an immense contributor to American life that her words [...]

From the Executive Producer: MINDPLAY

Magic, memories, and a mentalist. These three “M”s represent superpowers we all need to be exposed to these days. We stepped into the 2023 winter holiday season with Step Afrika!’s Magical Musical Holiday Step Show, and now we enter 2024 with magic of a different kind with Mindplay. For [...]

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