From the Executive Producer: TEMPESTUOUS ELEMENTS

Does it seem ridiculous to say that Washington, D.C., has a rich history? Yes, it does, and yet it’s very interesting to note which histories are deep in our collective knowledge and which are not. Anna Julia Cooper was such an immense contributor to American life that her words [...]

From the Executive Producer: MINDPLAY

Magic, memories, and a mentalist. These three “M”s represent superpowers we all need to be exposed to these days. We stepped into the 2023 winter holiday season with Step Afrika!’s Magical Musical Holiday Step Show, and now we enter 2024 with magic of a different kind with Mindplay. For [...]

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From the Executive Producer: POTUS

Now through November 12, Arena Stage is proudly producing the D.C. premiere of Selina Fillinger’s POTUS, following the show’s celebrated Broadway run last year. One of the founding principles of the resident theater movement was to have an alternative source of theater to the commercially-focused Broadway. Arena is one [...]

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